Delapina Swing

Jeff & Frank

Paul is a fret board freewheeler with lightening fingers. He plays swing, Bebob and popular jazz and blues guitar and bass with great accomplishment, skill and gusto. He is in much demand as his musicianship gets him around almost every genre and style. He is equally at home playing rock or swing jazz on his classic acoustic Double Bass or indeed his Electric Bass.

His musical history.

The first band Paul played with were the Road Hogs, then Mercury Zoot and the Raspberry Nipples. He continued his music career playing with likes of The Brains Brothers, Teen Beats and The Runn,s.

Later came R&B with the Johnny Born Band.

Always ready for a laugh thatís Paul.

When you first meet him you soon discover his wonderful brand of humour that stands him apart from those around him. He even takes the merciless rise out of himself as is evident when you hear that that he formed his own long running and successful group which he called The Big Ears Band.

Paul also regularly plays with Ad-Hoc Jazz Combo.

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