Delapina Swing

Jeff & Frank

Delapina Swing for any Lindy Hop event.

Paul & Debbie run Get in the Swing which is a Lindy Hop Swing Jive Dance Club.

What is Lindy Hop?           Look at Lindy Hop Calendar of events.

They teach the oldest form of Jive a Partnered Swing Dance coming from the 1920’s/30’s formed from the Charleston & Jazz dances of the time, it later became simplified into the Jitterbug & later still Rock‘n’Roll. Lindy Hop is still evolving & enjoyed worldwide!

(and no they do not throw people over our heads! they teach social dancing rather than Cabaret style!)

Lindy Hop can be danced to a wide range of music including Rock, Blues Rock‘n’Roll & R&B (even Hip Hop)

but most dancers prefer the sounds of Big Band Swing or Jazz.


They hold regular events at:

Steeple Morden village hall

Hay Street

Steeple Morden

Royston, Herts.


Delapina Swing have performed at many venues for Lindy Hop in London, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

Delapina Swing has the following line up :-

Piano Richard White, Alto George Howe, Bass Paul Brownless, Drums Van King, Vocals Soh Breezy, Tenor Sax Frank Cullen or Jeff Duckworth. See “about us”.

See also Ad-Hoc Jazz Combo.

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We would be pleased to receive booking enquiries for the band. Please contact us by emailing

or if you prefer to discuss an event or costs please call any of the following.

Van on 07811-952447,

Richard on 07792-627047,

George on 07989-252068